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View the available titled trained adult male and female German Shepherds from our elite kennel at the links below or contact Noblehim for information on trained imports straight from Germany through our contacts with top German breeders.

Adult Male German
Shepherds For Sale

Adult Female German
Shepherds For Sale






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Shepherds For Sale


The German Shepherd  is unlike any other dog. With unique beauty and manner, the dog has a serious eye for obedience and readiness just as it does for friendliness and personality. The dog can be man’s best friend, and his best protector. That’s why Nobleheim German Shepherds has made itself a trusted source of the breed!

As a small dedicated German Shepherd breeder in the North Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, area we keep our numbers small to an elite group of Top V and VA rated dogs, spending more time individually training each dog. This has allowed us to offer the highest quality World Seiger German Shepherds out of West Germany for over 30 years.

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