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Enjoy a Well Mannered Pet through German Shepherd Training

The German Shepherd is an intelligent dog that loves to be trained and being a working breed, requires a task to stay happy. German Shepherd training is not difficult as this type of dog picks up things very fast and is an eager learner. German Shepherd training, if properly followed, will result in having a well mannered dog that will not have any behavior problems and in this respect it is essential to teach it to respect the owner. The German Shepherd lives much like other dogs and thus may not easily associate itself with what occurred a few seconds ago.

Intelligent and Quick to Learn

German Shepherd training is easy as they are keen as well as intelligent and enjoy learning. Therefore, giving them basic obedience training should not pose much of a problem as many German Shepherds are even adept at learning tricks. One would be surprised at how well and quickly it can pick up what is taught and one should make it a point to reward it for good behavior as it may make a connection between accomplishment and reward even though it is not always easy for the dog to do so. Food acts as a bridge in understanding what is desired from the dog.

Socializing the German Shepherd is an essential part of its training regime as it will ensure that one gets the best out of its breeding traits and also ensures that it will be comfortable with the owner. Behavioral training will rectify bad habits such as jumping, car chasing, begging, climbing on furniture as well as chewing. The German Shepherd should be dealt with firmly and consistently when training it and one should prohibit it from activities that are simply not allowed. Being ambivalent would only confuse it.

German Shepherd obedience training is also essential and making the dog understand commands such as ‘sit’, ‘no’, ‘stop’ are essential and can be performed in various locations so that the dog gets the hang of it and generalizes its behavior as well as enhances its learning curve. The timing of the obedience training session should be frequent though not too long as extended sessions can easily bore the German Shepherd. Ideally, one could spend ten to fifteen minutes twice or thrice a day teaching it commands such ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘heel’ and ‘come’.

German Shepherd potty training is essential and it should be taught to keep its crate clean and go and eliminate outside. This will take time and requires a great deal of patience. The best time for German Shepherd potty training would be when it is young since puppies often relieve themselves six times a day approximately and so, need to be taught where to eliminate. Potty training requires that it be taken out immediately after meals and there are several other methods of potty training it and one can choose whichever they feel is the most convenient for their lifestyle.

It is also necessary to teach your German Shepherd outside training so that it does not make enemies of your neighbors. A barking dog can be a nuisance and one may need to use special collars that eliminate excessive barking in the dog as they give mild electrical stimulation every time it barks. German Shepherd obedience training is also a very important aspect of the dog’s training program and the owner should learn as much as possible about it.

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