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The German shepherd dam (mother) should be absolutely clear in the head (excellent temperament) and should have outstanding qualities in character and personality as she spends more time with her pups then anyone else prior to weaning the puppies. The dam (mother) plays an enormous role in the proper development in teaching her puppies these crucial lifelong imprinting in building of their confidence, bravery, alertness and human trust!

Before considering a German shepherd puppy, you should meet both parents (sire and dam) if possible, but if you could only meet one parent, it should definitely be the dam. Make sure she is clear in temperament (sound) and friendly, greets you with confidence, kindness and shows affection with trust towards you and your family. This is the real German shepherd mother.

If parent/s is barking in an aggressive manner to you or your family, start WALKING AWAY immediately. This is not the litter for you. Of course the breeder will tell you that the parents are being protective as you are strangers and she has puppies that she must protect. THIS IS NOT TRUE unless you or someone in your family is demonstrating and aggression towards her or her puppies, naturally the dogs must protect but if this is not the case, the barking parents is unclear and unsafe, which she will imprint this unwanted and undesired characteristics into her puppies.

I cannot emphasize how important the dam is to any breeder, as she contributes her absolute clear in the head character into her offspring’s.

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