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The “Pick of the Litter” is very important in determining what type of dog your looking for and what purpose the dog will serve for you and/or your family?Those with some knowledge most likely know that it means “the first pick puppy”, it does not however mean the best puppy in the litter for YOU.

Please be certain and consider wisely for what purpose will your dog have in his new home and environment. If you are not looking to show your German shepherd dog or use him/her in your breeding program  then your chances are far better in choosing the right puppy that best fit your needs and your lifestyle, this would be the PICK puppy for you and the best puppy as well.

No need to worry which pick order you have, simply tell your breeder your intension in reserving your puppy and your over-all plans with your puppy and let the breeder pick the right puppy for you. After-all the breeder of the litter has first hand knowledge on the over-all characteristics, drive and personality of each puppy and he can determine the “pick” puppy for you (your pick puppy).

It is in the best interest of the breeder to provide you with the correct puppy for your need and for what you  requested, as this procedure will make everyone happy and happy customers will refer the breeder to new future customers. This is GOOD for everyone.

If for some reason you do not feel that the breeder has your best interest at heart and you do not trust him/her in picking the “pick” puppy for you as requested, then you should never do business with that breeder. As the breeder/client relationship is crucial for you and your new puppy’s future because you will have many questions and your breeder will have many answers.

  • A family pet may be the one who is most laid back, does not lack confident with an excellent “sound” temperament.
  • A competition quality dog (show or schutzhund) must have balanced temperament, with show conformation and breed standards on both parents. Should possess strong character and drive. Alert and willing to please attitude.
  • A breeding quality dog should have an excellent pedigree with dam and sire in the champion position. The genetics of this litter should have an excellent health records. The puppies should have a confident character, both drives, positive aggression and super sound temperament. The parents should be within the breed standards with rich pigments (even at an older age).
  • The grand parent are the key in breeding super dogs. Obviously, you would want to know who the grandparents are as-well.

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