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Temperament of German Shepherd Puppy

The temperament is a term which describe a puppy/dog behavior. The temperament reveals the specific mental and emotional individuality of the puppy or dog. The temperament of a puppy behavior is likely to be inherited from it’s parents. Naturally, it could be improved and/or stimulated with the atmosphere, social events, hormones, distinctiveness of its breed, the attitude of its owner and many other factors. To evaluate the temperament of a German shepherd puppy you should focus on the parents first.

The dam (mother) and sire (father) must feel comfortable around you without posing aggression or shyness. If the puppies are fairly young, it is normal for the dam to show her protectiveness to protect her pups “only” if there is a threat from strangers – but if there is no danger present and the dam is barking, showing aggressiveness and/or demonstrates an unstable character with ready to attack violent behavior, this is an unstable female and most likely some of her puppies will inherit this not-so-clear in the head temperament with unpredictable character!

You should spent some time with both parents separately if possible. If you like what you see in the parents, you should then take some time evaluating which puppy you want and/or ask the breeder for a puppy profile form in which you can request certain temperament, drive and characteristics that you prefer in your new puppy. Your best bet is to pick a puppy that is a very close match to your request and who’s neither shy or overly confident (bully) as well. Pay attention to the breeder on how he/she interacts with the puppies.

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