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Hi Shirley!YoYo is doing great! She fits right in with my crazy active family. My kids go back to school next week and I know they will miss her like crazy. My son is already asking me to volunteer for lunch duty next week and bring YoYo!She continues to excel in puppy class and her confidence is shining with other dogs. She even has a few pups she likes to run with at the private dog park we visit everyday.I’ve attached a couple of pictures. One on top of “doggy mountain” with my daughter and one of YoYo supervising me in the kitchen! She is a beauty.Thank you again for such a blessed addition to our family!


Shirley,We just wanted to tell you what a great pup Senta is and how happy we are. (USO and Hexe litter-February 2014).
We spent many months trying to locate a breeder that had all the qualifications we were looking for, then one day we ran into a local person that had two pups that came from Nobleheim Kennels. We were totally impressed with what we saw in the dogs. Their owner could not stop talking about how great you guys were also.
We decided to give you a call and come visit your Kennels. Never have we met someone so caring about the bloodlines and the homes these beautiful West German pups would be going to, we were totally impressed! Not only is our Senta strong and beautiful, she is confident, loves our grandkids, and has a great temperament as well. She enjoys going with us boating, camping and to the beach.
Thank you for all your help, Nobleheim German Shepherds are excellent high quality dogs! Attached are two photos of our girl “boating” and “sun bathing” on the beach.Cory and Pam Collins
Mansfield, Texas
senta senta2
Shirley,I just want to give you an update on what a wonderful dog Lucy is. I really dont know where to begin. So let me begin shortly after I got her. I started taking her to Advanced Obedience classes- skipping the beginner classes as she seemed to know the basics. We were up to par with the rest of the teams in the class in no time. While I have never been really interested in formal obedience, Lucy seems to excel at it so I started training her for Rally. And since I am an agility person at heart, I started training her in Agility too. She is excelling in both and I have signed her up for her first Rally (June 7th) and Agility (July 5-6) trials. I am so excited to see how we will do.She also has her CGC and TDI and we are visiting the local nursing homes and hopefully will start going to one of the local hospitals soon. In our first therapy visit, she seemed a little unsure of what we were suppose to do but in no time she seemed to understand what her role was. Lucy is also amazing with my granddaughter who is 1 1/2 yrs old. They are best buds.Lucy is an amazing, confident dog. Sometimes I forget how young she is because she picks things up so easy.Oh and her work ethic- Wow! When we are “working” she will stay right with me the majority of the time, no matter what is going on around us. Of course as soon as the exercise is done, she is looking to play and goof off. I truly feel blessed to have her in my life. I am sure that I will be following up this email with emails of her accomplishments in Agility and Rally and hopefully tracking too.The pictures of Lucy are from a playdate this past weekend.


Hey Shirley,

Sorry this is so late in coming but we have been busy! She is doing fantastic and actually getting to rest a little with the kids back in school. She literally did not get a minute alone until Tuesday. I am impressed with her, she is very smart and quite the observer as well as playful. I don’t think she has had much time to miss her litter mates.

Thanks very much for opening your home up to my family. I think picking up the puppy in Bell’s Texas will be one of those experiences that they remember all their life. We can usually cause quite a ruckus so thanks for your patience. Both kids have been very good with her and are helping teach her good chews and bad chews very diligently, and the puppy is a sponge. She has a properly sized crate she truly seeks out to go crash in when she get’s overdosed on the kids. So, all is well, so far so good. She will get her 9 week vet visit tomorrow. She looks spoiled in these pics but in reality is getting plenty of direction. Thanks again, and I may see you soon!

— Scott J.



heatherWe are at the park and I have had so many compliments on Duke. We love him so much. He is the best dog with kids. He is truly part of our family. Thank you for doing such a great job with your breeding. He is the best!

— Heather


Just an update Rhyker is doing great he is such a Smart Well Behaved Guy, I am looking forward to getting a Female please keep us in mind for a Future Girl that will make a good Companion for Our Family. Thanks for all your help and info, something I have to say I have never seen a Breeder that goes the extra mile as you do.

Thanks Again,
Lisa Price

Rhyker German Shepherd


I just have to thank you again for such an amazing dog. Briana is doing awesome. She is so easy to train, has such a sound temperament and is so loving. We get compliments about her wherever we go. Mostly about her beauty, though, but I think that comes out even more because she is so well behaved. Oh, and did I mention she is a genius.

I’ve been using solely positive reinforcement training with her and she responds great to it. No corrections necessary. She is eager to learn and work whenever I ask her to. She already walks perfectly on a loose leash, knows her sits, downs, touch and retrieves pretty reliable and this at 12 weeks old. She is fearless yet careful and I’ve taught her to check in with me when she encounters something she is not sure about. She loves people and plays well with other dogs. She has very good puppy manners in play.

If you ever need a referral, please feel free to give out my email address. I’d be more than happy to testify that you breed very sound dogs.



Here ia a picture of Greta who came out of your liter on 5/8/2012. She has gotten over her growing pains and is a pure joy. For the most part house broken except when we don’t pay attention when she goes to the door. She loves to play ball and can catch darn good. Just wanted to update you that she has gotten over here growing pains but is growing like a week. We’ll stay in touch and again thanks.


Hey Shirley,

I was in town not to long ago, but was unable to come see you and bring Casca with me. He is doing great and I love him to death. He has been the greatest pet and friend I’ve ever had and I wanted to thank you for that. I originally got him to show, but he is now 28 inches tall at the withers, but I don’t care. He’s sitting around 85 lbs now and he makes friends everywhere we go. I was moved to the DC area and he loves it here. So many things to see and smell. Here is a picture of him at 11 months and 2 days old and he is just gorgeous. Since I picked him up I have had so many people complement me on how beautiful he is and here in the DC area several people have stopped me to ask if they could take a picture with him. I give your website and number to any and everyone I can because you truly made it a great experience in the purchase of Casca. Again thank you and I will send some more pictures later.

Jonathan Lewis

German Shepherd Training

Training for her AD. Reza VOM NOBLEHEIM. USO/fritzie daughter

Hi Shirley,

Lesa and I have decided to call Bretta, Greta. She is doing fantastic, we had her to our vet and he said she is in great shape and he really loved her temperament. He spent 30 minutes with her and was impressed with the way she interacted with dogs and with the kids in the office. The potty training is going very well with only a couple of accidents so far. She weighed 24 lbs at the Vet and she has a fantastic appetite.

The most important thing for Lesa and I is how good she is around our grand kids and we can tell with her disposition that she is going to be a great pet. We are using the crate at night with no issues, she loves it. Again I can’t thank you enough for your help and we will be sending pictures soon as I have taken many but have new software I am trying to learn so when that happens you will be first on our list to get a picture.

Mike and Lesa.

German Shepherd Reference German Shepherd Frenzie

Hi Shirley and team Nobleheim:

As you know Aurora and I had been searching for more than a year for a top quality European Schutzhund III male dog. Throughout that time we had interviewed and evaluated breeders from across the US and Europe. It was only after we meet with you and your team at your kennel in the Dallas, TX area that we were convinced that you had not only the best dogs available, but also possessed the best experience and technical background in the breeding and care for these highly intelligent animals.
(We interviewed many other breeders in your area to reach our conclusion)
Ulf Kopf
Our prize…. Ulf vom Hammelbacher Hof SCH III, also known as “Wofi”, with his high level of accomplishments (V8 Germany 2010) has blended into our home like a puppy…. He is respectful of his environment and has become a joy to be around. He loves companionship and especially children. He is by our definition, Super Intelligent and loving.

The only issue we have with this pure German intellect is his English. So we enrolled him at our local community college for “English as a Second Language”. He takes his SAT’s on Monday…. (Ha-Ha)…. He’s that smart…

Aurora loves the way he walks beside her everywhere she goes. In the house, or outside…

Seriously Shirley, you have our complete confidence in preparing Wolfi for the upcoming US Sieger show this year.

Aurora Gilley, MD
John Gilley

German Shepherd Photo
German Shepherd Photo

I am sure you are very used to hearing paraise from everyone whom has been blessed with one of your marvelous puppies. Well we would like to add our voices to the chorus. Our litte guy (name still pending), is an absolute delight. The “potty training” has and is going perfectly. He has a delightful temperament, is already very attached to both Gail and I, has met the cats (they get along famously), plays hard, sleeps like he’s in a coma, and eats like a little piglet! He seems to be thriving. We did manage to get him to sit still for just a moment to pose for a picture on the back deck. He seems to really enjoy the deck because he has a view of the horses and the surrounding property.

We just could not be happier. From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You.
Warmest Regards,
Jess Ortega

German Shepherds Breeder References

Dear Shirley,

My family and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the opportunity to have Aries as the newest member. As he is going on five months, my family has had great pleasure watching him grow into the companion we have been looking for. As a very young puppy, he learned his basic obedience within hours, he knows his place with our two others dogs (a female German Shepherd and a male English Bulldog) and is becoming quite the guardian of our family. Aries plays with the kids and is always by their side watching over them. He is exactly what we have been looking for and couldn’t ask for any more. Again, thank you so much. We very much appreciate the time and dedication you give to your German Shepherds and it clearly shows. We have received so many compliments on his bone structure and build. Our vet also stated, “he will stop people in their tracks”, proof that you are doing an excellent job with your shepherds and it shows. We can’t thank you enough.

Very much appreciated,
The Panzica Family

German Shepherd Photo

Female German Shepherd

Hi Shirley,

Dave (Olivia’s human Dad) must say, twice a day that Olivia Vom Nobleheim is “the perfect German Shepherd”. “Shirley sure did us right”! LOL! I have to say, I agree with him on the matter!
Olivia Vom Nobleheim is growing up to be extremely powerful, smart, quick and incredibly loving with our family. Her sound mind and behavior never ceases to amaze us and our entire neighborhood! She is such a celebrity at the elementary and middle schools, that our kids friends get upset if we don’t take her to school, daily. As she matures, she’s filling out nicely and is doing incredibly well with her training. She performs off of hand signals, verbal commands and is ready for her BH. Upon receiving her BH, Dave will focus on preparing her for her Schutzhund title.
Olivia Vom Nobleheim is the first dog that I’ve ever had and I’m overwhelmed and stunned by her beauty, intelligence, strength and temperament. She’s always hugging and kissing family members while prancing around with a playful smile on her face. Thank you for all you do with the German Shepherd breed, Shirley. You are bringing out the best in the German Shepherd Dog in every physical way, while keeping their “teddy bear” souls intact! Your labor of love with your GSD’s shines in our family life every day, with Olivia Vom Nobleheim!
With love and appreciation,
The Shurts Family!

Hello Shirley!

I hope you are doing well and I want to tell you Thank You so much for welcoming me and Nikki on Saturday. It was a little difficult to choose a puppy since they were ALL so happy, loved, and very well taken care of. But in the end, I took that wiggly, curious, and rambunctious Green Collared Male. I wanted to bring you up to date on his progress so far and share a few of the pictures that Nikki took of him (she’s an amazing photographer and has even sold some of her work). As you can see, he LOVES playing ball and he is Very serious when he is playing ball.

German Shepherd Playing

First and foremost: his name. I took time choosing a name for him. He actually helped me make the decision. His name is Jorn. Jorn is German for Vigilant Watchman. And let me tell you: there is no doubt he will be the most Vigilant Watchman!

He is so happy and adjusted. Since the moment I brought him home, he has slept all night and has mastered the whole “Potty Training” milestone! He’s never ONCE potty’d on the floor and now even “Paws” the back door (trust me when I say, “I freaked out in unbelievable shock when I saw him paw to go out!”). I sometimes have to remind myself he’s still just a baby. He explores a little bit more every day. He LOVES romping around in the backyard. He’s so sweet. My cat, Mojo, is slowly warming up to him. He basically walks around hissing and growling but it’s clear it’s all in an effort to let Jorn know “who’s the boss around here” (his fur isn’t even on end and he doesn’t hide from him at all = he’s fooling no one! Ha!) I imagine in a week or two it will be very different around here.

As promised, I want to bring you up to date on his progress. He’s wonderful! And I hope you feel as good about parting with him as much as I do about having him in my life!

Please feel free to call or e-mail anytime!!!

Male German Shepherd

I researched breeders for approximately one year before contacting Shirley. Having grown up with German Shepherds and having lived in German I wanted a German Shepherd from German bloodlines. I was trying to decide between the East German lines and the West German Show lines. Finally I decided on the West German Show lines. I emailed Shirley back and forth for several months and she was always more than happy to answer any questions that I had. In July of 2010 I went to meet Shirley and look at her puppies. I love German Shepherds and already knew a lot about this special breed but her knowledge far surpasses mine. To say the least I found her to be very knowledgeable and she cares about her Shepherds. She knows everything there is to know about the breed and even made some great recommendations on trainers near my area, nutrition and helping to select the puppy with the temperament that I was looking for. At the end of the day she brought out a very special little puppy for me to look at. Right away I could tell that he had that intelligence and mischievous playfulness that I adored and I fell in love with him right away. A couple of weeks later the little fella that melted my heart was mine and he came home with me to join the family.

My gorgeous fella’s AKC name is Jaeger vom Nobleheim but I call him Zander, (Defender of mankind). His mother is Fritzie vom Nobleheim, (A very sweet girl) and his father is Italo Di casa Nobili. I could not be more pleased with him. He is so smart and such a fast learner. Every now and then he gets it in his head that he doesn’t want to listen to me but he figures out real fast that he has to. He has such a sweet disposition and has become my giant snuggle bug. His ball drive is astonishing and he absolutely loves to play tug of war. If we go for a walk, to the pet store or anywhere people just stop what they are doing to take a look at him. He has a handsome boy to behold and is definitely a head turner.

If I had to recommend a good quality breeder that cares about this breed and the improvement of this wonderful breed Shirley McMinn would be that breeder. I just can’t say enough.


Zander’s mommy, (Jaeger vom Nobleheim)
Debreah Chism

Female German Shepherd
We are all enjoying jack very much. He is such a sweet guy and very loving. I have already taught him to sit for me (dog whisperer says this is dog’s way of saying please) for petting and food. We tried walking on a leash in the yard today with hot dog chunks. He wants so sit down every few feet but we’ll just do a little
every day for a few minutes. He passed physical with flying colors. Only one shot and it was for the influenza. no ear mites, no worms. He is getting bigger everyday. Installed baby gates on the living and
dining rooms today. His only accidents were in there exactly where our male cat peed. No crate accidents at all! Our 2 cats are fascinated by him and luckily, he shows nothing but friendly interest in them. I think he is hurt that they don’t love him already.

Just to let you know all is well. we are all in love with jack.
Thanks again,

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year as well! Geo is doing well. We are so very pleased with him. What a beautiful, healthy, solid dog he is! We get nothing but compliments on him. HE shares a large run with my 3 year old female and they are best of friends. They run and play non-stop day and night. It makes our hearts happy to see them having so much fun, and it really keeps them in top form.

We thank you for the joy and happiness Geo has brought to our home. His quality is deep. He represents the breed so well. We are proud of him and your kennel as well.

Roger and Laura Schutt…and the girls….

Merry Christmas to you and your family from us and Drake! We met little miss Dixie Sunday, she’s a doll!

The Carter’s

German Shepherd Photo

German Shepherd Picture

Hope you and your family are doing well. This is Gus and his favorite person Chelsea this afternoon. There was a huge dog walk to benefit service dogs and the whole family participated.

It is hard to believe that Gus is almost a year old!!! Not sure where the time has gone… We will be starting tracking basics this summer. We think Gus will really enjoy that.

Take care,
The Acosta family

Male German Shepherd

Hello Shirley, hope you are doing well. Just wanted to touch base with you and to let you know that Gus is doing great. He is such a healthy and happy little protector of the family. Here he is posing it up at the dog park on a beautiful Texas afternoon. Take care. . .

The Acosta Family

Below is a link to Ishaan’s pictures. He is doing wonderfully well and joy to our family. Gets along great with Abheek our 2yr old German.
German Shepherds Breeder References

Female German Shepherd

Shirley, family and friends came over Sunday for the day, thought you should know jazz was a picture perfect behave dog with everybody and even a baby, they could not believe how gentle she can be.
Thank you so much for quality.

German Shepherds


THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Nike and Nova vom Nobleheim have been the PERFECT addition to our family. We have a 2 year old and 9 month old boys who adore the girls! It gives me a great comfort to know that all of the youngsters will grow up together. My 2 year old is a great help in their training and they are great for HIS learning of responsibility as he is always wanting to do the feeding, watering, exercising and he even helps with their protection training! My 9 month old was crying in his walker the recently and Nike went up to him and put her head on the walker and just looked up at him as if to say “It’s OK, I am here” and he went into a deep, belly laugh:) Again, thank you a million times over!

Shane and Kelly M.


Here is some photos of Rhyker in our backyard, it was play time, he is really growing and so smart, he is learning all of the commands really good, he is a blessing to us, Thanks for such a great dog!!!!

Lisa Price
Adult Male German Shepherd

Troy & Panzer
Adult Male German Shepherd


I post a lot of jokes about Karma on FB, but make no mistake, we are thrilled with him. Appetite is good, very playful. Took him to our vet for the booster and future appointments, I think he was impressed. I don’t know much, but I do know that his “prey drive” is outstanding. We use a lot of tug toys. Now he is beginning to jump and bite down on toy. He gained 2 pounds since the last weigh on the 20th. We are having a ball with him and love him dearly. Thank you so much.